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Elizabeth Mason Scholarship


          Creativity In Arkansas is a non-profit organization that sponsors Arkansas Odyssey of the Mind and conducts the regional and state competitions for that program in the state of Arkansas.  This scholarship is given in honor and memory of Elizabeth Mason, an avid supporter of Odyssey of the Mind in Arkansas, who died in 2010.  She had been a coach, judge, school coordinator, regional representative and South/Central regional director.  Most of all, Elizabeth loved Odyssey of the Mind and Omers.  Elizabeth was a creative, hardworking, and problem-solving individual.  She believed in good sportsmanship and teamwork.  Therefore we invite participants who demonstrate these same skills to apply for this scholarship opportunity. The funds for this scholarship come from the family of Elizabeth Mason and fundraisers conducted by Creativity In Arkansas.


          Five dollars of all regional registrations will be given to the Elizabeth Mason Scholarship Fund to help continue to fund this scholarship for future Omers. Every year we offer this scholarship to one selected Omer that encapsulates the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind.


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